YourChannel Easy Translation

You could translate terms used in Free YourChannel front easily from the Quick Translation form from the very beginning. YourChannel PRO, however, has many terms and you couldn’t do it until now. This has changed from version 1.0. There still isn’t Quick Translation form for those terms, you have to put some code in your theme’s functions.php file. This also allows you to show different terms if you have a multilingual site.

Code to put in your functions.php file:

function yrc_translations($terms){
    // $terms['form'] is the array containing terms that you can translate in the Quick Translation form in YourChannel page.
    $terms['form'] = array_merge($terms['form'],  array('Videos' => 'Vids', 'Playlists' => 'Lists'));

    // $terms['front_ui'] is the array containing other terms used in YourChannel front. You can var_dump($terms); to see all the terms.
    $terms['front_ui'] = array_merge($terms['front_ui'],  array('million' => 'M', 'thousand' => 'K'));
    return $terms;


add_filter('yourchannel_front_ui_terms', 'yrc_translations'); 

Send us message from the contact form in right sidebar if you have trouble with translation.