Create social video streams

Here I’ll show you how to stream videos from YouTube. This same method will be usable for other sites too.

  • Create a playlist. You’ll see Manual section – where you add videos manually ( This is not of use now ).


  • Choose YouTube from Add Stream dropdown.


  • A new section called YouTube will appear along with the Filter form which you’ll use to filter videos to stream.
  • In the Stream dropdown, select Search if you want to show videos by a search term, Playlist to show videos from a certain playlist and Uploads to show uploaded videos of a channel.
  • In the next field, enter Search term, Playlist ID or Channel ID depending on what you choosed in the previous step.
  • Select Relevance, Date, Likes or Views from the Sort By field to sort stream videos by.
  • Save.


  • Videos will show up below the form if your filter found any videos. You can delete videos that you don’t want to show. If you want to edit Title, Description etc, click on Move to Manual button, this will move the video to Manual section where you can edit it.
  • Done. Just add this playlist in your post or widget.

You can similarly create streams from Facebook & Vimeo.

If you have any trouble getting these to work, please write to support @ .