Get Started With Your First Waiting/Countdown Timer Setup

1. Once you’ve installed the plugin, go to WordPress DashBoard > Waiting.

2. Enter the countdown name that must be unique if you are making multiple countdowns with different settings. Enter Countdown To date or Duration, Countdown From date, and check the Units that you want to show on your countdown.

Waiting/Countdown Timer Setup

3. Click on the Style > Edit button. Customize the timer according to your need.

Waiting/Countdown Timer Setup

4. Select your countdown style by clicking the Change button that appears after clicking the Style > Edit button.

Waiting/Countdown Timer Setup

5. Check the Offer mode to display your custom Offer text along with the countdown.


6. Choose the action that you want when the countdown finishes off and click on the Save button.


7. Copy the shortcode and paste it on any page or post where you want to display your countdown.


For the video tutorial check out our video.