Upgrading Frames from 0.1.5 Free & 0.2 Pro

0.2 Free & 0.3 Pro versions have massive changes in their feature list.


Both Free & Pro version:

  • Shortcode UI. No more copy pasting shortcodes. You can choose playlists, videos and themes in both post editors & widgets – with autocomplete search.
  • Improved default themes.
  • Compatible with the addon Social Frames.
  • Social Sharing.

Pro version:

  • Separate themes for Playlist, Thumbs & Players. Now you can use same player, thumb for different playlists themes ( you don’t have to customise Player styles everytime you create a new theme).
  • Track video views. Yes, Frames will track video views on your site ( available for all kind of videos: Uploads, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo ).
  • Sort videos by dragging.

Nothing will break after updating, except one thing: if you have shortcodes with video="video_id" and you want to edit them, you won’t see video title in shortcode editor. So, you’ll have to enter the video name again. If you don’t touch it, it’ll work just fine.

If something seems broken or different, please just go to Edit that thing and Save.

If you have any trouble after upgrading, please write to support @ plugin.builders .