How Do I Embed Videos of a YouTube Playlist?

YourChannel Pro provides us with a feature to embed videos of a YouTube playlist in the Videos tab.

1. After installing YourChannel, go to WordPress Dashboard. Go to Settings > YourChannel.


2. Enter YouTube Username or Channel ID, then click on the Check button. YourChannel will create your channel’s preview below the form.

Note: If you see any error like YouTube quota exceeded or just Loading…, please follow this few steps link(How to create YouTube API Key?) to create a new YouTube API key, copy the API Key then enter API Key in the API Key field of  YourChannel edit form.


3. Click on the Save button, the shortcode will be generated and looks like [YourChannel user="your channel's username"].


4. To display videos of a YouTube playlist, copy and paste the shortcode into any text widget or text editor where you want your feeds to be displayed and put playlist="playlist URL or playlist id" in the shortcode. Now the shortcode looks like this: [YourChannel user="your channel's username" playlist="playlist URL"].