YourChannel Shortcodes

Free version:

    1. Default shortcode.A shortcode that looks like this is created after you create a channel in YourChannel page.
      [yourchannel user="your_user_name"]
    2. To display single video.
      [yourchannel video="youtube_video_id"] e.g: [yourchannel video="Su1wK7iCQfQ"]
    3. To display YouTube videos with pagination. ‘n’ is the number of videos per load.
      [yourchannel user="your_user_name" limit="n"]
    4. To display YouTube videos with Autoplay.
      [yourchannel user="your_user_name" autoplay="1"]


Pro version:

1. Show videos from a certain playlist.

 [yourchannel user="your_user_name" playlist="youtube_playlist_id"]

2. Show video by a search term. own="0" to search whole YouTube, own="1" to search just your channel.

 [yourchannel user="your channel’s username" search="search_term_here" own="1"]

3. Show videos from a custom playlist – First, create a custom playlist by entering a set of video URLs or IDs, and give it a name.

 [yourchannel user="your_user_name" custom="your_custom_playlist_name"]

4. Display YouTube video with Custom start time. Replace n with number of seconds to start at.

[yourchannel user="your_user_name" start="n"]

5. Display YouTube video with Custom Initial player volume. Replace n with a number between0and100.

[yourchannel user="your_user_name" volume="n"]

6. Display videos with player title, uploader & statistics under player.

[yourchannel user="your_user_name" show_meta="1"]

7. Display videos with Descriptions.

[yourchannel user="your_user_name" show_desc="1"]

8. Display videos with Comments.

[yourchannel user="your_user_name" show_comments="1"]

9. Sort YouTube videos. Where sorting_method must be one of date, rating, viewCount or title.

[yourchannel user="your_user_name" sortby="sorting_method"]