YourChannel Setup

  • First follow the last 3 quick steps, then when you get it working with the default API Key, come back and follow these instructions to create your own API Key.

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to the YouTube section. Click on YouTube Data API v3

  • Click on Enable on the next screen.

  • Click on Credentials in the left sidebar on the next screen

  • On the next screen, Click on + Create Credentials, then on API Key.
  • It will generate an API key and show it in a popup. It might take upto 5 minutes for this API Key to work (according to Google).

  • Copy the API Key and head to your WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> YourChannel.
  • Enter API Key in API Key field of YourChannel edit form.
  • Enter your YouTube Username or Channel ID, then click on Check button. YourChannel will create your channel’s preview below the form.
  • Now click on Save at the bottom of form.


  • A shortcode will be generated, copy & paste it in your post.