Showing Videos from URL parameter in YourChannel

YourChannel allows you to show videos from YouTube on your website through URL parameters.

To do that you must add ?v= or ?v=video_id to your site URL. Then, you have to add the following shortcode in your post: –

[yourchannel video_from="url_parameter" url_parameter="v"]

Note: – You can use any term in place of v, they just need to be same in both URL and url parameter option of shortcode.

In addition, you can enter multiple video URLs or IDs separated by commas in the URL and YourChannel will show multiple videos one after another.

Here is an example of how the URL looks like: v=wMaNYfFrmOU,WPAiiHepD4,hLoWXzozPUs,jrg9JF2LwSg

Click here to see demo.