What’s new in YourChannel version 0.9 and 1.0

We have finally released a major new version of YourChannel. We collected feedback from YourChannel users over the last year and have implemented many of the features that users and us wanted.

Even though we’ve changed the plugin a lot, there are no breaking changes, but still, if something seems out of place, edit the channel in YourChannel page and see if it fixes. If not, send a message from the contact form in right sidebar.

New Features:

Free version:

  • Cache duration. Enter cache duration in minutes to save data temporarily in WP for fast loading times and less YouTube API calls.
  • New theme. A simple list theme in addition to the existing grid theme.
  • Single videos. Yay, now you can play single videos with YourChannel.
  • New play icon. We have removed the red YouTube icon that’d show over thumbnails if you enabled it, and replaced it with a font icon. Now you can change it’s color and other styles with CSS.

PRO version:

  • New themes. Very customizable Slider and Carousel themes.
  • Separate themes for Playlists. You can apply separate theme for Playlists, for e.g. Grid for Videos and Carousel for Playlists.
  • Blacklist playlists by putting their IDs.
  • Customise single videos. You can play single videos just by putting the iframe embed code, you don’t need any plugin. But with YourChannel, you can customise it to show Title, Uploader, Statistics and Description. See demo.

See new demos here.