YourChannel Troubleshooting

Only shows Loading Circle in settings page.

If you go to browser’s console, you’ll see an error like PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in..... This means your server has very old PHP version running. Please ask your host to update the PHP version or turn asp_tags off in php.ini file as a quick solution.

Cannot save Username or Channel ID.

This means when you click on Save after entering your Username or
Channel ID, it doesn’t save your Username and falls back to the default
Username. This is most likely because your API key is not valid. Please
try with the default API key:  AIzaSyCsquWrpI9r6vB2afX9OZVXoZR7VNtKbjM

If it now works with the default key, you should go edit or create a new key.

To create a new API key, follow this few steps link(How to create YouTube API Key?).

Only shows Loading.... text in front.

This is also an issue with your API key. Try with the default one as above.

Other problems?

Go through the support forum. If you don’t find the problem and solution there, write to us at support @ Please also provide us the link to the page where YourChannel is running if it’s live.